Oncolytic LMB033, LMB040

Light-activated oncolytic peptides LMB033, LMB040 causing damage of cancer cell membranes upon irradiation with red light, currently at non-regulatory preclinical stage of development
Their advantages are:

- Precisely localized chemotherapeutic effect through external activation of oncolytic activity by benign red light (650 nm)
- Increased immune system response due to triggering the release of tumor neoantigens
- Targeting of therapy-resistant and stem-like tumor cells, ability to tackle tumor heterogeneity
- Unlike cancer vaccines, no risk of inducing of neutralizing antibodies
- Increased efficacy due to higher concentration of active compounds at the sites of lesions
- Higher safety due to in vivo photocontrol of toxicity
- No limitation to certain genotypes and no development of resistance due to cytolytic mode of action

Antibacterial LMB007

Currently, at exploratory stage of development